I like making things, mostly to point at them later and say, I made that


Literate Ray Tracer

Ray tracer written in literate programming style

Literate Programming Clojure Emacs

Interactive Résumé

My résumé in the form of a platformer game. It's browser based and as of now only works on laptops and desktops

Game Development GML Finite State Machine

Tachyons CSS Playground

Web App for interactive web design

JavaScript React


A quirky monospaced font designed for programmers and terminal dwellers

Typography Type Design


Platform to prepare for technical interviews

Python Django JavaScript Microsoft Bot Framework

Interface to Indian Railways

Visualization of route and live running status of trains in India

Python Pandas Folium Data Visualization Jupyter Notebook

Résumé Plot

My résumé as a plot of Tupper's self-referential formula

Python NumPy Pandas Matplotlib Jupyter Notebook

Visualization of Retail Prices

Visualizing retail prices of essential commodities in India

Python Pandas Matplotlib Data Visualization Jupyter Notebook

International trips made by the current Indian Prime Minister

Visualizing international trips made by the Prime Minister of India following the Indian general election, 2014 until June 2018

JavaScript Data Visualization Observable Notebook

We are in this together

Web experiment in which the number of particles on the page represents the number of active users on it in real-time

JavaScript Express Socket.IO

Normal Distribution Joyplots

Visualizing location-scale transformation of standard normal distribution using joyplots

Python NumPy Pandas Seaborn Jupyter Notebook

Résumé API

My résumé as a serverless REST API

Python Flask AWS Lambda Zappa

ASCII art as a service


JavaScript Express

Résumé over SMS

My résumé is available over SMS, message OPTIONS to +19728667970 for more information

Python Django Twilio